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About Me

We recently moved to a bigger house in Southern NJ.  I now have a wonderful kennel room and a large grooming room.  We have Standard Poodles, Chinese Cresteds, and a token toy poodle.   We have quite a diverse family.  I have 2 children from a previous marriage Aaron, and Jackie.  My husband Andy and I have 2 children Andrew 11 and Hannah 9.  And then I have a son-in-law Mike, and a daughter-in-law Silvia, and 4 grandchildren Ryan 4, Alex newborn (Jackie and Mikes sons), Katia 11 (Silvia's daughter), and Adrianna 3 (Aaron and Silvia's daughter).  So our house is always full of children coming and going.  I find this is the best socialization for our dogs. 

I grew up with German Shepard Dogs and Boston Terriers.  Then when I was on my own I fell in love with Italian Greyhounds.  I owned and showed them for a number of years.  But when my last bitch pass away, instead of gettting a new Italian Greyhound I kept remembering a scene I had witnessed at a dog show in the obedience ring, several years earlier.  It was of a black standard poodle in full show coat.  He did the recall and then for the finish he leaped into the air and pirouetted and landed perfectly in the heel position.  It was such a magnificent sight that I never forgot it.  So I did my research and bought my first standard poodle Queens Royal Jet Black Magic, CD or Jet.  Jet I found did not like obedience training but we managed to earn a CD title.  He perfered to herd sheep and now he spends his retirement years protecting the house. 

When Jet was 2 we got our new boy.  Farley's D O What a Charmer or Lucky.  And there was no going back from there.  I haven't had much luck with my show poodles but I haven't given up.  I was fortunate enough to learn show grooming from some of the best poodle people there are. 

As for the Cresteds, I went to visit my Aunt in January 2004 and fell in love with her rescued Chinese Crested boy named Bruce Lee.  So when I got home I started searching for a hair less boy to show.  I ended up finding our Ch. Bayard's Isn't She Charming or Katie, a hairless girl.  What a sweet little girl she is.  I started showing Katie that Spring.  She finished in high style at the DVCCC Speciatly October 2005.  Check out her page for all her accomplishents. 

I have found my show niche in the Cresteds.  They are less policital then the poodles and I have earned some success in the show ring with them. 

New House
New grooming room
New Kennel room