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The Chinese Crested is a relatively new breed in AKC, being accepted in 1991, but it is actually an old breed.  They are thought to originate in Africa but no one knows for sure.  The Chinese sailors are responsible for populating the world with them.  They used them as ratters on their ships, used them to trade and in lean times as food.  Or so some say.

They also have somewhat of a risqué start in the States.  It seems that Gypsy Rose Lee took a liking to them and she and a couple of friends imported the first Cresteds from England.  All the American Cresteds today can be traced back to those.  I am not going to waste space here repeating the history of Cresteds.  You can obtain that information from many good sources.  If you enter Chinese Crested into Google Search Engine you can learn a lot.  It is fun to see where it leads you.

Since the breed is relatively new, we as breeders have an even bigger responsibility toward the breed standard.  We must make those tough decisions on weather to breed or not to breed a dog based not on our own likes and dislikes but on the standard.  Right now Cresteds are all over the place.  There does not seem to be a uniformness to them yet.  What we do now can effect the breed for many years to come.  We can not base our breeding decisions on current trends but look towards the long term.  I implore all breeders to study the standard and then breed accordingly. 

There is my two cent's worth.  To the left you will find links to my Crested's pages.  Katie had a wonderful litter in the Spring of 2006.  I kept Dare and and finished him from the Bred By classes in Dec 07.  I earned my Bred By medallion which is why I bred the litter in the place.  I was so proud when I recieved it in the mail.   I have found my niche with the Cresteds.  They are a lovely breed and very endearing.  They have a wonderful sense of humor.  And they keep your feet warm on a cold winter night.  I do occasionally have puppies or young adults for placement in forever homes. 

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